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Awakening Rally

Awakening Rally
A balance of evangelistic and prophetic meetings that focus on an awakening and rally the church to the Pastoral vision!
  • These are powerful life changing meetings with signs and wonders.
  • Salvations, deliverances and healings are common.
  • Evangelistic impartation is deposited in the house. ( a love for souls to be saved )
  • This is a true Awakening!
  • As Kerry walks and ministers in the fullness of his gifting and office ( the Prophet), strongholds are broken and deliverance is ministered to those that desire to be set free by the power of Jesus Christ.
Mix his prophetic gift with the compassion of a Pastor, the zeal of an Evangelist, the overwhelming presence of the Lord and you create an explosive atmosphere for change!

If you are interested in a Rally at your church or in the city in which you live, or need more information e-mail us :

Answers for frequently asked questions
  1. Kerry and the complete CCF team are church and pastor friendly.
  2. Having over 25 years in pastoral experience, he understands the authority of the local Pastor and will submit in every area.
  3. He has ministered the last 27 years in local churches without incident.
  4. No church too big or too small.
  5. Kerry can come alone or with a team that would best serve you.
  6. Our goal is to rally the church to the Pastoral vision.

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