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                          Robert Henderson Ministries
6660 Delmonico Dr. Suite D #405
Colarado Springs, Co.  80919
Dear Pastor and Church Leader,
I am writing to you in regards to Pastor/Prophet Kerry McMahon.
He is and has been in apostolic relationship with me and our network for a number of years.  Kerry has destinguished himself as a man of character, integrity and gifting.  He moves very proficiently in the prophetic and I esteem him to actually have the grace and gifting of a prophet.  Kerry has spoken several words into my life prophetically and they have all come to pass.  They have been directional and encouraging in their nature.  So I can from a very personal realm vouch for the grace and anointing that is on his life and accompanies his ministry.  Kerry has demonstrated a great heart to walk in accountability and right relationship to those in authority over him.  He is a man of honor.  In these days it seems of great lawlessness, this is very refreshing to find especially in those who travel and minister trans-locally. 
I would greatly endorse and recommend the ministry of Kerry McMahon.
He is a blessing and brings a blessing wherever he ministers.  Should you need to contact me concerning Kerry, you can do so at 719.375.1796.
May His Grace Abound to You
Apostle Robert Henderson

                                                                                       Kairos Bible Training Center
                                                                                                                                  405 Estates Dr.
                                                                                                                                  Waco, Tx. 76712
To Whom It May Concern:
 Kerry McMahon has been on the teaching schedule at Kairos Bible Training Center for the past two years.  The anointing he walks in  has been invaluable to KBTC and the students throughly enjoyed as he taught Pentateuch, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Personal Evangelism and his prophetic anointing impacted many lives.
I personally have spent a great deal of time with Kerry and we have developed a very close relationship.  We traveled and ministered together in the Philippines and Hong Kong.
It is without reservation that I recommend that you consider having him minister to those God has put under your care.
Grace and Peace,
Dr.  Randy Hearn
Director of Studies
Kairos Bible Training Center

From the desk of Apostle Pat Riley....
March 3, 2008
Dear fellow servant of God:
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.  It is my prayer that the Lord is blessing you and increasing you in every measure.
This letter is in reference to Apostle/Prophet Kerry McMahon.  We have had the honor to have him in our church several times.  Each time he has come, people were built up and encouraged.  The Lord has used him several times to help me see into situations prophetically.  I encourage you to have him in your church. I promise that you will be blessed.
Here to serve you:
Apostle Pat Riley
Voice of Jubilee Apostolic Center        
Waco, Texas

To whom it may concern,
    After surviving a motorcycle accident, my husband was in ICU.  He had multiple spine fractures, rib fractures, a brain hemorrhage and he was  in a coma on life support.   The neurosurgeon told me he had slipped into a deep coma and would continue to go deeper until he died, probably in a couple of days. 
    Prophet Kerry came to the hospital, at my request and prayed for him.  At the end of the prayer he called my husband by name and said,"In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, wake up."  At that exact moment he opened his eyes and tried to get up.  From that moment he began to recover.   Months later my husband is back at work taking care of 300 computers for a major utility company.
To God be the Glory!                       Sherry McAlpine

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