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The voice of the Prophet
by Kerry McMahon 
Hello to  those who have confidence in my  words.  We are entering a time that could strengthen or tear down the Body of Christ .   I have spoken in the times past that the Lord was going to tighten up the purse strings of many ministries, it is happening as we speak.  The scripture says that God resist the proud and gives grace to the humble.  I believe I want to be a part of the humble group myself.  The last thing I need is God resisting me or the work I am doing.  We live in a time when only the tough will survive.  Through the hardships that you are encountering you will become lean and a good steward of that which God allows you to have.  The days of wasteful elaborate lyfestles is over.  Trying to pass it off as Kingdom living, nobodies buying it anymore.  What a refreshing time to be sold out to the Lord.  The harvest is great and the laborers are few but,  to see men and women give their hearts to the Lord and their lives change is a wonderful thing.  I have just returned from Panama and at one service a police man came in from the street and gave his heart to the Lord.  People were delivered and satans hold was broken on their lives.  It was a wonderful thing to see. 
This is what I hear from the Lord.
This is a time of cleansing and repentance in the Body of Christ.  Many in the United States have become great business men in the ministry.  There is nothing wrong with wealth if it is for the Kingdom purposes.  It is time to focus on God's Kingdom not yours.  It is time to stop chasing men and start chasing God.  It is time to think about the connection you have with God and not just the connections with men.  It is time to stop acting like or duplicating some other man ministry and do what God has called you to do.  It is time to take a good look at our behavior and see if it lines up with the word. 
You hear much about aligning yourself with some man.  I say you should align yourself with the Lord and his word.
Although man can take you far,  he can also remove what he gives.  There are those that would convince you to follow them and give to there endeavors for they are like great fires, they consume much and nothing is left. 
Pride cometh before the fall and there has been great pride in this nation and the fall is at hand.  The good news is that this will bring the ministries and ministers in the U.S. to their knees.  On our knees is great hope of an Awakening that could shake our nation and heal our land.  Don't despair if you are experiencing hardship right now, financial crisis, for the Lord himself shall sustain you and show you once more It is him and not yourself that is so important.  It is his anointing that breaks the yoke ,not yours.  That his mantle is the one you should be desiring, not some mans.  That it is the time spent influencing him that is important, not time influencing man.
         There is more to come, please check back!

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