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  •  The Word of the Lord given to K.R. McMahon by Prophet Roger Teale, March 15, 2007. 
Prophet Roger Teale has delivered the Word of the Lord to many great men of God, such as Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonnke, Rodney Howard Browne etc...  

  • The Word of the Lord spoken over the nation of the Philippines by  Kerry R. McMahon in Oct. 07
    Oh listen and hear the voice of the Lord.
    Oh Philippines how I have loved thee and have spoken in times past. I have seen you shine as a diamond in the rough. There have been those that have raped you and I have lowered my hand against them. As the Earth remaineth I have heard your cries. Although there have been those that have left you, I have not left you nor forsaken you and have seen you even until now and the end. My people have risen up and a light they have shined not only to this place but to others far away. Look unto me for I am your provider!  Even now I am preparing you to go from this place. As you go forth and care for the places I have sent you, I will restore your land.

  • The Word of the Lord for ministries and ministers in the USA spoken by Kerry R. McMahon in January 2008  
  There is a pruning happening within my men and women and my church saith the Lord.  It is not an ordinary pruning, It is a root pruning that will extend deep into the ground and will disturb the very foundation of ministries in this nation.  Many it will destroy and they will lay waste on the ground and decay slowly.  Not because I have desired this but because thou hast chosen to resist and not discern what is taking place.  Hear the Prophets saith the Lord for I have spoken to them.  I have set them in time and with silver trumpets they will sound.  There are those that can not support what I have chosen to build upon them.  Therfore I have taken the plow and have set it deep and have cut the roots and where they are cut,  new roots will appear and multiply and grow deep and add strength to the foundation.   It will be able to support Nations sayeth the Lord.  I have taken national Apostles and have promoted them to Global Apostles therefore I have torn down the foundations of men and will build my own foundation.  I being the chief cornerstone sayeth the Lord.  Here the sound of the Lord, sayeth the Lord.  There is a birthing, a launching, a rumbling of the regions, a rattling of the sabre, a dam that is about to break and the waters of life shall flow freely once again in this nation. Be not afraid, for it is I sayeth the Lord that is the true husbandman and with a sure hand i will sustain thee!
             I believe this prophetic word is for the ministries within the USA as some are going through a shaking in their finances.  The Lord has also spoken to me about major ministries that have been established for years. I can not share these publicly.  If you feel led of the Lord to contact me please do through my e mail and I will share with you privately what the Lord says to you, if he has spoken to me concerning you and your ministry.   May the Lord richly bless you.         Prophet Kerry McMahon

  • The Word of the Lord given to the Body of Christ  Jan. 25 2008  by Kerry R. McMahon   
          The battle is on sayeth the Lord!  I have waged war against the evil one.  I say to you it is time to stop blowing your trumpets behind closed doors where no man can hear.  It is time to go to the mountain and stand and see the salvation of the Lord!  You can not be victorius except you enter the battlefield.  
          It is time the earth is filled with signs and wonders  so all can see.  Yeah I have sent and set in order those that will lead.  
          Thou hast said I am a prophet, then speak the Word of the Lord without fear.  Tear down and build and root up as I have given thee the nations.  Thou hast said I am a healer then heal saith the Lord.  I have set many in your path that are sick, undone and even asleep.  Walk not around them, avoid them not, for I have set them that I might be glorified.  Fear not the eye of man or his cameras!    Thou hast said I am a Pastor, then assemble  my flock and get them ready saith the Lord!  
         Thou wilt be known by thy fruit sayeth the Lord, not by the title thou hast given yourselves.   
         Thou wilt be known by the works that thou art able to do!   
         Say not to me that I am this or I am that, for I say to you I see exactly what you are!  

              The Word of the Lord given to the Body of Christ 9-18-08 by Kerry R. McMahon.

The sabers (swords) are beginning to rattle saith the Lord.  I hear a noise and it is rising from the north and the south and the east and the west.  It is the sound of many waters and it brings forth the sound of VICTORY saith the Lord.  It will birth a cleansing and repentance in my Body.  I will began to heal the land.  Look not to this man or to that man, for it is I that will visit you saith the Lord.  It is I that will meet with you and heal your land.

  • The Word of the Lord spoken over Panama 12-04-09

 Their is a stirring going on and a quickening in the Body of Christ in Panama.  The time is right for harvest and things are speeding up.  This will be a good time for Panama spiritually.  The old is passing and the new is coming.  The old held death and the new brings life.  It is an oppurtunity for the church to harvest great numbers of souls.  There are many looking for new life and willing to leave old religous ways to experience what the Lord has for them.  People are seeking and they shall find GOD!

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