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              About the Founder
     Kerry R. McMahon leads the network.  He has been called Pastor,Teacher,Evangelist, Prophet and yes even Apostle as he has traveled around the world teaching and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The title he esteems most is Brother.  He has  not endeavored to make a name for himself  but, instead focuses on lifting up the name of JESUS! 
     He started his spiritual journey in 1981. He was born again and served in the ministry of Pastors Emory and Judy Thompson in Houston,Tx.( West Little York Church of God ) These two faithful apostolic leaders and their staff imparted faith and faithfulness in a way no one else could. They infused a desire for souls to be saved and raised up in the Kingdom of God into the heart of K.R. McMahon.  A foundation of Biblical principles was established, that only time could testify of it's strength.
     In 1991 he was set forth to plant the first Church and so he did successfully. Since that day, his focus has been on expanding the Kingdom any way he could. He has planted multiple churches as well as helped others do the same. A very compassionate, results driven person would best describe his personality. A five fold minister (Eph. 4:11) in every aspect of the word and operates with a strong prophetic gifting.  His wife Donna of 31 years and three children have been an important part of CCF and are currently ministering in music and word. 
     In 1994 Kerry met Pastor James Walker. The fathering and mentoring provided by James Walker proved to be invaluable in the next phase of Kerry's journey to become what God had called him to be. Brother James imparted wisdom and the heart of an apostolic father into Kerry and the importance of being blameless. He also imparted the heart of a peace maker. Brother James Walker, an Apostle in every sense of the word introduced Kerry to the next man that God would use to mold him.
     In 2003 Kerry met this great man of God by divine appointment, Apostle Robert Henderson.
A divine connection was made through which many impartations took place and apostolic authority was established. Robert Henderson having a healing anointing bestowed this upon Kerry through the laying on of hands and many miraculous healings have been experienced ever since.                             
    March 15,2007  Kerry recieved the Word of the Lord from Prophet Roger Teale. The prophetic word stated that Kerry had been given power over the spirits and principalities that bind people and nations, to be able to loose them and set them free. It was also spoken that he had been given an anointing as the great evangelist George Whitefield.  
(This prophetic word can be listened to on the prophecy page of this website) 
    Roger Teale has stated there was an impartation to Kerry on 3-15-07 and a prophetic mantel passed. http://www.rogerteale.org
   " The previously mentioned five apostolic men and women are great servants of the Lord. I deem them to be great men and women of God that have impacted the world and are continuing to do so.  I thank the Lord they are in my life and provide the leadership I draw on. I could not experience the authority that I have, except I am willing to listen to those God has set as my leaders. There are hundreds of years of successful ministry between these that are mentioned above.  I have an ongoing healthy relationship with each and I am thankful for each one. I am truly a blessed man!  As God has set great leadership in my life, it is the desire of my heart  to serve others in this capacity."                       Kerry R. McMahon
           About the Network
    In 1997 the vision of Community Christian Fellowship International network came into existence.  CCF (Mexia Tx) was birthed in 2001 as the first fruits of the network and is a strong and viable force in their community. CCF offers leadership to business people, lay people, ministers and ministries.  It is an apostolic team that has a proven track record.  The network is not intrusive or demanding.  CCF network offers leadership built around relationship. 
    Over the years the Lord has assembled a team of ministers that walk in unity, under the direction and guidance of  Holy Spirit.  Our goal is to  serve those that are in need.  Whether you are a mighty warrior of the faith or a frail weary soul, this team has the discernment to serve and meet the need at hand.  God Bless You!
VISION- Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. ( Mark 16:15-20 ) 
MISSION-  To birth churches and offer apostolic oversight to existing ministries and ministers.
GOAL- To  awaken and rally the Body of Christ into expanding the Kingdom of God on earth.
      Bishop K. R. McMahon     Kerry R. McMahon   Prophet / Apostle    

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